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My Background

 A few years back Tracey found herself feeling lost and without purpose.  She had always been able to feel people's physical and emotional state. Physical in her own body, where something had not been painful to being painful in a blink of an eye. The same thing went for emotions. she knew she was here for a reason. Knowing this catapulted her into a new found aspiration of spiritual growth and healing. 


 Finding a passion with Reiki, Mediumship, Intuitive healing, among a few others she began her journey in helping others. Having these new tools and certifications she pushed aside fear and has launched her practice. 


Tracey is excited to get to know you and help you begin your journey to a balanced energy field, a renewed outlook on life.

Sandy Beach

My Approach

Tracey comes into the session with an open mind and heart. She heals from a place of Divine Light in her clients highest Spiritual wellbeing. During the session she will channel spiritual guidance to give the client a positive energy charge. 

Her  intentions are to fulfill her clients needs leaving them feeling lighter and endowed in positive energy.

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